Clark Allison

Stories by Clark

How to Choose a Guardian and Trustee

How to choose the right guardian and trustee in your living trust when you don't have a perfect guardian or trustee.

estate planning

California Proposition 19

California Prop 19 eliminates Parent Child Reassessment Exclusion but Expands Base Year Value Transfer

Protect Your College Kids

Young California adults need a durable power of attorney, health care directive and HIPAA.

trust administration

Portability - How to Eliminate Estate Tax

Filing estate tax return and electing portability when first spouse dies could eliminate future estate tax if the gift and estate tax exemption drops.


2022 Gift and Estate Tax Exemption

2022 gift and estate tax exemption and annual gift exclusion. How much can you gift without a gift tax?

estate planning

Living Trust or Will?

If you own a home in California, you'll need a living trust to avoid probate.

estate planning

Be Careful if You Refinance

Keep title of your home in your revocable living trust after you refinance

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