You Know Your Clients Need an Estate Plan

Estate planning supports all the work you've done for them.
Without it, your hard work and relationship can be wiped out.


Percentage of Americans who have never discussed estate planning with their financial advisor.


Nationwide Financial


Percentage of client heirs who retain their parents’ advisor after receiving their inheritance.


Percentage of millennials who think their advisor “is only motivated to make money for themselves."

Be Your Client's Hero

Protect the Relationship

Without an estate plan, your clients' hard earned wealth can collapse. If probate and estate taxes could have been avoided, who do they blame?

Enhance the Relationship

Helping your clients with their estate planning puts you in position to better help them and become more valuable to them.

Maintain the Relationship

When you initiate the estate planning process, your clients know you care about them and their family beyond assets under management, and this results in stickier and more grateful clients.

Grow the Relationship

A well designed and updated estate plan can help your clients avoid probate and estate taxes and protect their family wealth which can lead to next generation clients...Your were my parent's hero, I want you to be my hero.


What Are Your Estate Planning Options?

Legal Zoom, etc.

DIY Website



Will it work?

Reviews and updates?

Everyone loves law firms!

Law Firm

Expensive and Complicated

Unresponsive and slow

Billable hours

Virtual option?

Still in business?

Solo Attorney

Here today, gone tomorrow

Estate planning experience?

Virtual option?


Compare Us With the Competition

We make estate planning easy, and we make the relationship better.


Our Simple Process

1. Submit your client's info on the Contact Us button on the upper right of our homepage.

2. One of our smart and likable attorneys will reach out to you and your client right away.
3. Two 45-60 min attorney meetings with your client to design their estate plan.

4. Can be completed in two weeks or less.
5. We charge fixed fees, typically $2,500 - $3,000, for a comprehensive living trust estate plan. 

6. We are available for annual estate planning reviews with you and your client to make sure their estate plan is always up to date.

7. Our clients can contact our attorneys with questions for free. No billable hours.

All we do is estate planning and trust administration. We don't do it as a side hustle. With over 40 years estate planning experience, we've made estate planning easy for you and your clients. 

With our Virtual Estate Planning, we work with California clients in Sacramento, the Bay Area, San Jose, Central Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Of course we also meet with clients in-person in our El Dorado Hills office.


Don't risk your client relationship with a risky referral. Your clients will like working with us, and that will make you look good.


Bad referrals lead to bad relationships.

Good referrals lead to great relationships. 😀


We will treat your clients like you would want us to treat them.
We will keep you in the loop, front and center.


We can send you scans of your clients estate planning documents and advise you on funding their trust and naming beneficiaries.

Interested? Let's talk.

We can schedule a time to meet by phone, zoom or in person.