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California Estate Planning Made Easy With Virtual Estate Planning

Avoid the hassle of traditional estate planning and work with an attorney you will like virtually from the comfort of your home.

You know you need to set up your estate plan.

You had a friend recently pass away, and you are watching the mess he left behind for his family. He didn't have a living trust. He didn't have a will. He didn't even have an advance health care directive so his wife could easily communicate with his doctors. It was horrible enough that he died, but he had no estate plan, and his family is scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Your lack of an estate plan is weighing you down. You know you need to name guardians for your children. You need to set up a living trust so your family will avoid the cost and headaches of California probate. And you can't keep putting it off.

But you do keep putting it off because you are afraid you will have to fill out complicated forms, go to many meetings at a boring estate planning attorney's office, and pay through the nose. And that assumes you can even find a good estate planning attorney.

Estate planning is hard, and even harder to find a good estate planning attorney.

But maybe it's not ...

What if you could do your California estate planning from the convenience of your home without filing out complicated forms and work with an estate planning attorney you will actually like, all at a reasonable fixed fee.

Too good to be true? Nope.

The video shows how our estate planning attorneys simplify the process and treat you like they would want to be treated. But it gets even better.

With our virtual estate planning, your attorney meetings and the signing and notarization of your estate plan can be done anywhere you can do a Zoom meeting - whether you are in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, or the Bay Area. You don't have to drive to an office to do your California estate planning.

We've developed our virtual estate planning to make estate planning easy. Let's work together to get your living trust done and finally remove the heavy estate planning burden off your shoulders. 

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