Clark Allison

Stories by Clark

What Is A Lifetime Asset Protection Trust?

Many of our clients choose to add what we call “lifetime protection trusts” to their revocable living trust to better protect their children’s...

What are The Different Types of Wills?

A will is the document that names your beneficiaries, the ones who will get your assets when you pass away and your executor, the person you want to...

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Blended family estate planning presents challenges, and one size fits all estate plans may not work. An experienced estate planning attorney will...

How Does High Net Worth Estate Planning Work?

If you have a high net worth estate, your estate plan may need more than a revocable living trust. The goal of a revocable living trust estate plan...

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Almost everyone needs an estate plan. Many people think the term “estate plan” is something only high net worth individuals need. Not true.

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