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Be Careful if You Refinance

Keep title of your home in your revocable living trust after you refinance

Refinancing your mortgage can be a good thing. But you have to pay attention.

If your home is titled in your revocable living trust, your lender may need to change title back to your name as part of the refi process. Not all lenders do this, but many do.

If you refi, your lender needs to know that you want your home to remain titled in your trust. They'll do it if you ask, but you have to ask.

If you don't pay attention to this, you may think your home is in your trust and it's not. And if it's not tiled in your trust, your estate will be subject to probate.

If you went through the effort to establish your living trust estate plan, don't let a refi derail your effort.

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