How to Do Your Estate Planning

You have three ways to set up your living trust estate plan. You can do it yourself with DIY estate planning websites like Legal Zoom, Wills & Trusts or Nolo Press, you can work with other law firms, or you can work with us. 

You Decide

Use this handy comparison chart to help you decide how to get your living trust done.

💻 DIY Software

1. You and the software. There may be an option to talk to a random attorney from the big law firm the DIY legal forms company has contracted with.


2. DIY legal forms websites usually also create forms for divorce, copyright and businesses.


3. You fill out confusing online forms. Hopefully you make the right choices. 😩 The software prints and ships.


4. Cheap. And you get what you pay for.


5. What happens when you need to make an update or if you have a question? Online support? Option to talk to random big firm attorney?


👔 Law Firm

1. High-priced attorneys and their staff do most of the work.


2. Most law firms do other things like sue people, defend lawsuits, divorce, real estate, bankruptcy, etc. Estate planning is one of many areas of practice.


3. You will have to drive to the law office for many meetings. The process from start to finish could take months.


4. Many law firms use billable hours.


5. Will you get a bill every time you ask a question?

😎 Clark Allison

1. Work with a smart attorney you will like.


2. We only do estate planning and trust administration. It's not our side hustle. We know how to protect you and your family.


3. Our attorneys work with you virtually from the comfort of your home or in person in one of our offices. Our easy process includes two one-hour virtual or office meetings with one of our attorneys. We can complete your estate plan in two weeks. Sooner if needed.


4. We use transparent fixed-fee pricing. No billable hours. 


5. Free annual estate plan review, and we don't bill you to talk to us. Emailing or calling us is always free. And we will respond to your email or call within 24 hours, if not the same day.

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