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Estate Planning

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For college students, young adults and those with assets that won't need probate.

  • Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Directive

Basic Trust


Our basic living trust estate plan to avoid probate with outright distributions to your loved ones.

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Certification of Trust
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Directive and HIPAA
  • Trust Transfer Deed for Your Home

Flat Fees

With an intro phone call, we can help you determine what you need and give you a flat fee price quote.

Trust Administration

We help the successor trustee administer the trust of a deceased family member. Our fees are flat fees based on the terms of the trust, the nature of the assets and how well the family works together.

Elder Care Medi-Cal Planning

We help families position their assets to qualify for Medi-Cal to pay the costs of skilled nursing care. This usually involves establishing a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) and counsel on gifting and funding the MAPT. 

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

In 2021, until the tax laws change, we are counseling clients on taking advantage of the current $11.7M estate and gift exclusion by gifting to irrevocable trusts for the benefit of their spouse, children or charity. 

Pet Trusts

If you want to protect your other loved ones, we've got you covered. 


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