Estate Planning Guide

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Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Yes, because like all humans, you will not live forever. And if something happens to you while you are still alive, you will need help.

What Documents Do I Need In My Estate Plan?

Durable Power of Attorney - for when you need help with your financial affairs.

Advance Health Care Directive and HIPAA - for when you need help with your health care.

Will - your instructions for who gets your assets.

If you are a homeowner, you will also need a Living Trust so your family can avoid probate.

What's So Bad About Probate?

California probate is expensive, time consuming and your family's personal information becomes a public court record. And, do your want the probate attorneys to get your money?

How Do I Get My Estate Planning Done?

You have three options:

1. DIY Estate Planning Websites - Legal Zoom, etc.

Cheap, and your family and all you've worked for depends on you doing it correctly. Cross your fingers and hope it works.

2. Basic Law Firm

Many attorneys make things complicated, are slow and unresponsive and bill by the hour.

3. Clark Allison LLP

  • We only do estate planning, and with over 50 years experience, we've created a very easy process.
  • Most estate plans can be completed in two meetings in two weeks.
  • You will work directly with one of our smart, kind and responsive attorneys.
  • We use fixed fees. No mysterious billable hours.
  • We can work with you virtually from your home, or in person in one of our three California offices.
  • We offer free annual attorney estate planning reviews.
  • We never charge for questions. 

Compare: Clark Allison v Law Firms and DIY Estate Planning

What Should I Do?

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